I marked this as new because it was un-installed only 3 months or less after we purchased it. We sold our house and new owners opted not to keep the unit. It is still in the box the tech used to protect it.
H2O Air Water Americas has the right filtration units to help keep your drinking water clean and free from contamination. This Stainless Steel Millennium Water Filtration System transforms untreated tap water into crystal clear, better tasting water for you and your family! The Stainless Steel Millennium Water Filter is a great way to eliminate the inconvenience and expense of purchasing bottle...
Maytag Washer and Whirlpool Dryer. Good condition. Needs to go. Make me an offer. Call 631-871-7189
I need a washer and dryer that are clean and reliable. great if you're PCSing and don't want to store them. I'm here at Whiteman and my family is in LA at our house...so I'm renting but need these appliances! Let me know at 318-780-0896. brian
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